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Birth Bag(s): What to Pack?

Brian O'Neil


By Nikol Anderson – ZumMallen, Nikol is a working, breastfeeding mom, with one daughter, Claire. Check out her blog at

It's getting close and you're feeling extra large these days. Packing up your "it's time" bag now will help to alleviate some of your nervousness--you're ready for this, right? But what to pack? Nikol Anderson put together these great suggestions for bags--one for mom, one for dad or birth partner and mom, and one for baby (yup, don't forget, the baby will need a few things too).


1. Comfy maternity top. I am not going to pretend that I will be losing tons of baby weight right after she comes out.
2. Only the sexiest maternity underwear.
3. Leggings. I am not usually a leggings as pants wearer but this day I might make an exception. I might end up in Ryan’s basketball shorts. Who knows.
4. Dermoplast, pain relieving spray. It has been an amazing friend for the last few months and I hear I will only be leaning on it more after the birth.
5. Socks. I am gonna want to be comfy.
6. Nursing bra.
7. Hair ties and a brush.
8. Slippers. I will probably go home in sandals though, but we will see what the feet swelling is like.
9. Nipple cream. I just keep hearing that I will need it and thankfully I have been gifted some, so that is going in the bag.
10. Pads. Lets take it on back to jr. high.
11. Chapstick. Any brand will do but I do love me some Burt’s Bees
12. Make up bag. I am gonna need to freshen up for all of these photos.


1. Camera and charger. We have not decided what kind of photos we will be wanting. Crowning or not. But I know I will want a lot taken. Thanks in advance mom :)
2. iPhone and ear buds. I might also need to buy an iDock if I want everyone in the room to hear my affirmations and my birth play lists [I need to make these by the way]
3. Charger. If my friends are like me they will be blowing up my phone for news, we will need to charge our phones.
4. Bathing suit for Ryan in case he decided to get in the birthing tub with me.
5. Toothbrush and toothpaste. We will be practicing hugs before drugs so I don’t want my breath to scare him away.
6. Traveling cooler. We will need this to bring my placenta home for the encapsulation.


1. Newborn car seat. She should come home with us I think.
2. Boppie or My Breast Friend. I haven’t figured out which one would be better to bring for her. Opinions welcome.
3. Little mittens for her little hands & socks for her little feets.
4. Aden + Anais swaddle blankets. They are so cute and I have heard the best things about these blankets. We have gotten so many adorable ones. I am looking forward to practicing with them.
5. Going home outfit. This will be tough as we have been given the cutest baby clothes I have ever seen. I will take a look at the newborn sizes and see what would be just perfect.
6. Diapers and wipes, for her first little bowel movements.

Do you have any other suggestions?